Edge-Protection Profiles for Walls

Zinometal produces and supplies a range of Wall Edge-Protection Profiles for interior and exterior building walls (plaster protectors).
The profiles are manufactured by a cold roll-forming process out of
pre-galvanized steel.
These profiles decoratively finish and protect the building’s outer and inner wall corners.
During the phase of applying the plaster layer on the walls, the profiles are used as reference liners for the plasterer to obtain a nice smooth and straight leveled plaster covering.
The Edge-Protection profiles are the ultimate answer for protecting the wall corners against damage caused by mechanical stress and impact during and after the construction phase.
A PVC rounded thin profile is inserted during the automatic production phase, covering the profile along its outer corner edge.
Its dimensions should match the plaster thickness. It gives the wall corner a decorative finish, softens the corner and prevents the steel profile from coming in contact with air and other impacts that maybe likely to cause corrosion. It will maintain a long-term clean wall corner in its original shape.

Flexible Profile for Curved Line Corners
To be used in rounded wall architecture
Supplied pre-cut in standard and on demand lengths Can be used for interior and exterior sides of the building walls
Quick and easy installation possible with ordinary tools
Compact packaging, easy to deliver to construction sites
In addition to stiffening the wall corners, it provides reference lines for the plasterer to implement the plaster layers according to the levels dictated by the designer

Profiles for Exterior Wall Corner Applications
Available in lengths of 2.50, 2.75 & 3.00 meters or other lengths upon special request.

Profiles for Interior Wall Corner Applications
Available in standard lengths of 2.50, 2.75 & 3.00 meters as well as any other lengths upon special request.